The highly skilled and qualified staff at Building Professionals of Texas understands the importance of providing wide-range custodial and clean-up services that pay great attention to the small things that really matter. Reliability is of utmost important. More than 15 years of experience in the facility maintenance and servicing industry has helped establish Building Professionals of Texas as a solid, reliable, trustworthy and one of the most reputable providers of such services in the Houston, Texas vicinity. Our main services go over and beyond the standard facility maintenance duties and include all of the following:

• Full service janitorial

• Window washing and cleaning

• Day porter and maid service

• Indoor air quality

• Consumable product dispensers

• Waste receptacles

• Custom floor mats

• Facility maintenance products

• Lamps and ballasts 

• Kaivac restroom restoration

• Safety supplies

• Post construction clean up

• Exterior pressure washing

• Event set up and break down

• Trash collection and disposal

• Dumpster and hand pickup

• Recycling

• Parking lot cleaning and washing

• Parking lot sweeping, stripping and repair

• Emergency response cleaning

• Green cleaning



Call us today for a free on site evaluation of your business requirements. Our qualified staff will assess every aspect of the property and develop a customized plan for you that will match your budget and janitorial service requirements. Your feedback and comments are highly valued and will be carefully integrated into every stage of the process. 

Customer service is not a’s an ATTITUDE.