About Us


Building Professionals was established in 2001 and has grown by double digits every year. We have achieved this growth by building our foundation one relationship at a time. It's a dedication to quality, to doing our best, and being the best, that every one of us shares. But who defines the right way? YOU do. We sit down with you, we visit your facility, then we tailor the best solution that's exactly right for you. We listen to your needs because we want to build a lasting relationship that, right from the start, is exactly right - for you. Your entire team is tasked with providing a high standard of excellence in customer service as well as quality janitorial services every night. We are in the trust business. Our goal is for all of our clients to be confident that every staff member and representative of BUILDING PROFESSIONALS OF TEXAS has the knowledge, ability, and expertise to successfully maintain the high level of service that all clients deserve.


Our standard of excellence is maintained by a Quality Management Inspection Service and Report System that includes:

Needs Assessment - Each location is assessed multiple times before start up. It is then reassessed repeatedly in the first 60 days to ensure correct levels of labor.

Circle of Communication - 12 minute response time guarantee as well as an 8:00 am follow up the next day. 

Quality Control Tools - Includes a formal monthly quality inspection and report card that you will have password protected access to.

Safety and the Right Tools - All BUILDING PROFESSIONALS OF TEXAS staff has completed our proprietary safety training and will only use professional and approved equipment, supplies,  and chemicals



We understand the devil is in the detail when it is time to clean your facility. Our rigorous training and monitoring management system continually evaluates and assesses every member of our team.

Efficient and effective care is given to all of our cleaning and maintenance programs. We are committed to serving every customer and meeting their individual requirements.

Our mission is to provide a clean work environment at a fair price, not solely to give you a clean office. You will notice the visible difference when you walk into a room that has been taken care of by the hard working cleaning experts at BUILDING PROFESSIONALS OF TEXAS.


BUILDING PROFESSIONALS OF TEXAS is 100% committed to total customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Customer service is not a department...it's an ATTITUDE.